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Purposeful Beauty

Knolveston Farm, purposeful beauty

The Pinnacle of Suri genetics!

At Knolveston we concentrate on black and grey genetics. We're proud to have some of the top lines from all over the US! We are always happy to discuss our alpacas as well as help you reach your dreams of success within the alpaca industry!

Knolveston Farm is a small Suri Alpaca farm owned by Richard Bohannon. Richard has a long history in the love of animals. Aside from being an accomplished dog breeder, Richard is also an AKC dog show judge. Richard has bred and shown top winning Miniature Poodles under the Aery prefix since the early 1990's.

The love for alpacas came to be when the farm was purchase and Richard started researching the fiber industry and attended his first Alpaca show. The question then, was Suri or Huacaya? While going thru the vendors and purchasing and feeling the finished products Richard was taken back by the luxe feel of the Suri fiber and at that moment the decision was made!

At Knolveston Farm, we were fortunate to start with the pinnacle of Suri genetics and continue to push for the best. He is a strong believer in showing the alpacas as he believe it's important for his livestock to be evaluated so he can continue to educate himself in order to produce the best.

If you are considering bringing alpacas into your life, I would enjoy hearing from you and would love to show you around the farm! We can put together a package that suits your dream, desires and budget. Don't hesitate to call and ask if alpacas are right for you!

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