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Colored Boer Goats for sale

At Knolveston Farm, we try our best to select for the best.  We fell in love with Boers after attaining a few for the farm as "work hands" to help clear the wilds of the farm.  In the process, we have become obsessed with their utilitarian traits.  As a meat goat, show, breeding or a wonderful pet, Boers have become a great addition to the farm. 


Throughout the year we will have full blood and percentage offspring for sale.  For those interested, don't hesitate to contact to see what we have available.  We try to concentrate on Spotted and Dappled Boers, but occasionally, we have traditional. 

We will be working to clear out our percentage does, so if you're looking for percentage kids or exposed percentage does, we all have throughout 2019



Updated February 13, 2019